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Red-pink vibrating waterfall of crystals by Manooi

When it comes to designing and crafting the best of crystal chandeliers in the business today, Manooi is on top of the line. Every chandelier is manufactured with the best materials, crystal, laser-cut precision welded structure and highest quality parts at Manooi's very own workshop. With its timeless designs and quality, Manooi offers an extensive range of chandeliers for any settings, from classic to modern, in order to re-create and enhance the positivity of natural light in homes and public buildings.

Designed by Manooi

Photography by Nicolas Delafraye

Besides standard product range, Manooi aims at answering special customer needs as well. The last eye-catching product of the brand was a red-pink colored Fjord crystal chandelier with the dimension of 270 x 32 cm. Fjord itself is unique in the Manooi product range because of its vertical arrangement. It looks like a vibrating waterfall of crystal, sparkling and illuminating any interiors in which it is installed, either used independently or as part of a group installation.

But this latest model is even more special due to the choice of color. The red-pink Fjord was ordered by an interior design company that visited Manooi at the Euroluce fair this year. They were inspired by a blueish-amber color Fjord model displayed at the Manooi booth, and soon the red-pink model was also born in Manooi's workshop. It is made of 75% of Bordeaux and 25% of Lilac Swarovski pendants that surely dazzle the eye of the beholder. The lamp will be installed in a private residence in Bangkok, and bright the living room with its special play of light and colors.

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