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Eduard’s by Dittel Architekten GmbH

DIA – Dittel Architekten is responsible for developing the restaurant’s design concept, the name Eduard’s, its corporate design, and also for the construction of the bar in Stuttgart’s Dorotheen Quarter. Named after the founder of the Breuninger department store, this new lifestyle bar is making a bold statement in the new quarter. The striking design provides a fresh perspective on a piece of history, making the counters the focal point of where it’s at, much like the early days of bar culture.

Designed by Dittel Architekten GmbH

Photography by Martin Baitinger, Victor Jon Goico

Even from the outside, the bar is unrecognizable as such: as bold and elegant as a tumbler of Bulleit Bourbon, the modern, solid wood bar is located right at the entrance to the space. Once inside, patrons immediately find themselves within the bartender’s field of vision, their first glass in hand.

The narrow, five-meter high space is a defining feature at Eduard’s. Surrounded by a glass façade opposite a brick façade, the bar is divided into a brighter area in the front and a darker area at the back – designed to be welcoming by day and night. By day, spots along the glass façade are hugely popular, thanks to the natural light and a first-class view. When it gets dark outside, the bar becomes the focal point.