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Enso Sushi & Grill by Dittel Architekten Gmbh, Germany

DIA – Dittel Architekten conceptualised and designed the fine food restaurant Enso Sushi & Grill in a prime location in the Dorotheen Quartier shopping mall in Stuttgart. The restaurant’s modern design is as sophisticated and creative as Asian-European fusion cuisine. The reinterpretation of traditional Asian architectural elements using high-quality materials and natural colours lend a unique appeal to the 250 m2 restaurant. The restaurant concept truly lives up to its name, Enso, which means “harmony and perfection”.

Photography by Martin Baitinge

An oak vestibule engraved with the restaurant’s logo guides patrons into the restaurant. This feature sections off a slightly elevated seating area that consists of four cosy seating alcoves. Sectioned off by frames embellished with Asian-inspired decorations, these small nooks are popular among guests, providing an open view both into the restaurant and outside. Enjoy artistically designed meals while seated at solid wooden table tops set on delicate, canted steel table legs.

The dining area on the opposite side features a bar and a live sushi counter. The counter extends along the window façade. Patrons stopping in to savour a glass of Asian whiskey or watch the sushi chefs at work will find the perfect spot on the elevated barstools. The dining area is set up for traditional seated meals. Moveable tables and lighting make it possible to accommodate both small and large groups. Black sound baffles are suspended in rows from the open ceiling.

The bar and sushi counter elegantly and discreetly form a stunning palette of colour and material. The horizontal colour transition from light to dark is subtle but eye-catching. The black ceiling panelling accentuates the slope of the glass façade and opens up the space. It also creates a backdrop for golden decorations that catch the light from different angles. The bar’s elegant brass shelf, placed on a covered green strip, also seems to come alive in the light. The solid stone counter, made with Nero Assoluto, accentuates the dark colours of the ceiling and makes for a stylish work and eating surface. The body of the counter is decorated in modern tiles, giving it an Asian feel. The varying tones of grey give the surface structure a dynamic appearance. Light wooden slats create a gentle transition from the solid counter at the window façade.

The stately wine cabinet to the right of the bar is made of vertical wooden slats and slightly conceals the private dining area. The platform construction of this areas gives patrons the feeling of being seated Japanese-style on the floor, without having to give up the comfort of legroom. A sound baffle enhances the peaceful ambience, while stunning contrasts round out the distinctive atmosphere: floral wallpaper paired with raw, industrial-style floors, soft silk cushions paired with extravagant lighting.

The rear of the vestibule in the reception area is a cosy bench alcove with raised backrests and attractive pendant lamps. Their shape hearkens to Asian lanterns, a modern embodiment of this design concept. The décor has been perfectly conceived to the last detail, including tiled sinks with stylish brass fittings and atmospheric lighting.

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