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Showroom GG by thaipanstudio, Bangkok - Thailand

The showroom GG represents the excellent and simple deliveries with long and narrow space. A long circulation divide this showroom into two parts. The first part is a service area for the staff to give customers all the instructions and services. And the another one is a customer area, which the product shelves are build along the showroom. To be seen simply and choosen easily, all products are arranged by their categories on these shelves. Besides the shelves, the tall partitions are designed to divide a service area into three small areas; cashier service area, product test area, and DHL EXPRESS service area, the tall yellow one which can be seen easily from the outside.

Designed by thaipanstudio

Because of this type of product(camera for vehicle),It is limited by its invention budget and its function. The designer will plan the function of reception part, product testing part and product packing part and make it link with the built-in furniture that present the product. It is chosen to be vertical and we intend to make everything in showroom balance. The most colour that's used is white colour and DHL section is the only section that have yellow colour.

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