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Tangchao Wharf by Weini Design, Shenzen - China

Teochew people are called Oriental Jews for their traits of shrewd, tenacity, and concentration, while the Teochew cuisine is popular at home and abroad for its exquisiteness, daintiness, and neutralization. Taking Teochew culture as design theme, Tangchao Wharf restaurant injects modern elements into the centuries-old tradition of this ethnic group in East Guangdong by blending modern elements into Chinese style design.

Design company: Weini Design

Chief designer: Ray Cai

Photography by Ouyang Yun

The shop front of the restaurant is connotative. The gable carries the meaning of five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) reminds Teochew people of their hometown at a glance. The bull sculpture representing the famous local scenic spot Xiang-zi Bridge, the stands constructed by wooden benches, and the little crafts on the stands, make people feel like they have been back to their hometown which makes them feel anxious yet delighted.