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Bradesco Foundation High School by Shieh Arquitetos, Brazil

São Paulo, June 2017 - The new Bradesco Foundation High School was inaugurated in Osasco, nearby São Paulo Brazil. Designed by Shieh Arquitetos Associados, office with over 40 years of practice and focus on educational architecture, the project converted an administrative building originally occupied by Bradesco bank into a school compatible with the high principles of the Institution.

Designed by Shieh Arquitetos

The proposal sought to make the most of the existing structure while using constructive resources that could give new character and life to the building, in order to accommodate educational facilities. Some of these strategies were the inclusion of facade pre-shading for thermal comfort and diffuse light filtering in classrooms, adoption of large vertical atria, new internal stairs, new entrance walkway, lower ground floor converted as large patio and garden, among others.

Plans were organized to solve some of the challenges imposed on a vertical building: large flow of students and limitation of patios. Hence, classrooms were organized on the lower floors – except for the ground floor, which is dedicated to arrival patio and cafeteria.