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Fish Cheeks by SPACE NY, New York City

Fish Cheeks is named for the lean, tender cheek meat that is considered the tastiest part of a fish and a delicacy in much of the world. Designed by Space NY the bright and inviting 60-seat space nods to traditional Thai architecture in a modern way. Colorful scalloped tiles and a shingled outdoor awning emulate fish scales and Thai temple roofing.

Designed by SPACE NY

Photographer by Connie Zhou

The scallop detail is repeated throughout the space for a sense of continuity. Wooden wall panels in white, inspired by traditional Thai paneling, give the interior a warm feel when the hanging basket lights cast shadows throughout the dining room. Select materials were sourced directly from Thailand including the traditional Thai fabric used to upholster the banquet cushions and slatted doors that are incorporated into the design. Tropical greenery throughout completes the space and adds a softness to the space. As a final nod to the seafood based cuisine, the bar is softly lit by hand cast white ceramic fish pendants hanging from red chords.

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