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Mylines Hotel by LYCS Architecture, Hangzhou - China

Mylines Hotel is an interior renovation project situated in the vicinity of West Lake in Hangzhou, China. The design aims to provide unique spatial experiences for a specific group of people, i.e. couples and lovers seeking for an extraordinary love experience. Usually, in China, the love hotels lack the touch of genuine design from the professionals. Consequently, they are often flashy and amorous. In light of the status quo, Chun Shui Tang, the largest e-commerce enterprise of sex toys in China, has chosen to collaborate with LYCS Architecture to take on the challenge of redefining love hotels.

Designed by LYCS Architecture

Leading Team: RUAN Hao, ZHU Jun, HE Yulou, LI Chujun, ZHANG Qiuyan, XU Weizhuo

Designer: ZHOU Xuanzhuo, YIN Yong, LIN Lifeng, WU Shiyang, FAN Xiaoxiao, FU Li, ZHANG Sisi, LIN Junyi, YAO Chong, Wang Sijia, ZHEN Xinru, WU Tao, YE Tianjiao

Photography by XIONG Wei,WU Qingshan,HU Xianjuan

Situated on a site of 9000sqm, the hotel consists of 33 rooms, measuring 2200sqm building area. Each room is not only designed to arouse excitement, but also to offer an indispensable experience of relaxation, romance, emotional relief and passion. By studying primal human desires, LYCS has thematized and designed the rooms into the following five categories: narcissism, long-cherished lust, exposure, fantasy and romanc