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M+C House by Ghiorzi Tavares Arquitectura, Brazil

The M+C House project deals with a single-family dwelling in which we use three 40 "dry containers together with wooden structures, metal structures and cement slabs; Totaling 130.00m² of constructed area.

Designed by Ghiorzi Tavares Arquitectura.

The project began when customers decided to move from the construction system to masonry to the use of containers seeking a faster construction speed and lower cost. In this way they presented us with an outline of their initial idea in which we should adapt to the containers, while maintaining the needs presented.

The project was totally redesigned for the system with containers, in which we use dry type annexing next to each other and cutting in pieces the plates of the containers for greater integration of the spaces. In this way in the layout we have a suite with closet, a dormitory for visitors, an office that can be transformed into another bedroom, social bathroom, living, dining and integrated kitchen. At the doors of one of the containers, we took advantage of this opening to create two large warehouses facing the garage. At the other end of the container we used as a service area and toilet for the outdoor area with swimming pool and barbecue.

The orientation of the environment of the residence in relation to the lot had as conditioning the search for privacy and better solar orientation. For this reason, the suite is oriented predominantly to the east as well as the other environments of long stay, and the glazing of the main façade was possible because this did not receive direct incidence of the sun.

To enlarge the covered external area, we designed a large roof in half of the water around the containers, which provided a large porch area (one of the primary necessities of the client) and protect them from the elements. The roof was made of wood structure with sandwich tiles, which are thermoacoustic, thus reducing the noise of heavy rains and protect from the incidence of sun in the containers. For aesthetic closure and protection of the water tank we use steel frame system with cement plates that are easy to access for maintenance.

It was not because we used containers that masonry would not be welcome. For the creation of the garage for two vehicles we use pillars in masonry that support a large pergola in wood also fixed to the roof of the containers. For aesthetic effect we use platibanda also in metallic system that completely hides the roof leaving the residence with more contemporary and minimalistic feature.

For the external walls of the containers we opted for marine paint with anti-corrosive treatment in light colors. Another condition of design was the positioning of social access, since the client had already executed on the site the gates and walls. For social access we marked with a large pivoting wooden door. For the other frames the customer opted for using colorless glass and white aluminum for the cost benefit.

In all internal walls and linings we use drywall coating (green type in wet areas and standard in others) with wool insulation of pet bottles, which in addition to its thermoacoustic function is ecologically correct.

Due to the excellent soil condition of the land, we use a foundation made by insulated shoes much lighter than if designed for a masonry construction, also reducing the costs in this respect.

Both in the containers from the outside and from the inside, we apply porcelain and wood as the flooring and walls in specific areas. Due to the better solar orientation and legal deviations from the lot, we positioned the pool near one of the corners of the lot, with a covered deck area and barbecue area nearby, and in the surroundings the landscaping project will cover the other external areas.

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