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Gaila's Home by Egue y Seta, A Coruña - Spain

Gaila is one of Egue y Seta´s stylists / interior designers, and despite what they say about the “shoemaker´s son”, she´s been kind enough to share with us today the (fabulous?) looks of her very dear and private urban refuge, along with her "views" on general home decor.

Designed by Egue y Seta

Photography by VICUGO FOTO

Gaila "would rather live in betwween the pages of a traveler´s log book or an artist´s journal than in those of a home decoration magazine". Her home, "far from looking like a museum, is rather the result of her constant but playful “beauty hunting” through bazaars, antique markets, vintage shops, and a couple of recycled furniture containers, around the world".

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