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Gray Box∣Minimalism and Pureness of Rural Self-built House by AD Architecture

When it comes to the rural self-built housing, the stereotype image is a countrified house made of multi-storey grids without any sense of design, although it costs a lot on decoration, where a lot of space is wasted.


Chief designer: Xie Peihe

Project team: Ji Jianan, Zhou Qian, Wu Fenda

Photography by Ouyang Yun

Hidden in a distant costal village in Shantou, Gray Box is an addition project to a rural self-built house. AD Architecture gives it a different definition. Minimalism and pureness of black white and gray add a unique landscape to this self-built house.

The owner is young and stylish. Combined with the owner's living context, a high-level gray minimalist residence is thus created. The whole space is based on the most low-key black , white and gray, creating a texture space. Gray is highlighted to balance the strong contrast between black and white. Partial use of warm earth yellow penetrates temperature in Gray Box.

In the overall layout, as a perfect fusion of the East and West design philosophy, it is an interpretation of a pure modernist style. The proportion of space lines is simple yet fine. The huge window enframes the beautiful scenery; and bright light through the soft window screening brings a Zen atmosphere.

Because of the reflection of natural light, space levels are divided by matt white paint and marble. Combined with careful consideration of the lighting layout, the space has an unique charm of light and shadow. With skilful collocation of different materials including leather, wood, tiles, grays glass and so on, it enriches the space temperament and style.

A black , white and gray art painting is nested in this black, white and gray space, infusing a touch of lightness and chic in ink-wash painting; together with the metal texture of the unique appliance, personal style and taste are highlighted inadvertently. Quiet space coupled with the artistic air, this concise and smart space scene is immersive.

Minimalist is a complex and design attitude, which gets rid of too complicated design, objects to mechanical form, and avoids piling up, pursuing a more suitable living environment by subtraction in life

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