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Arrival — Lucky Kabob Bar 2.0 by Robot 3 Studio, China

The design of White Metal Hut-LUCKY Kabob Bar has been completed in 2016. Then in 2017, the owner of the kabob bar commissioned the expansion work to Robot 3 Studio.

Black Stone has existed from the beginning of the Creation.

The light runs between the stones.

Time flies slowly and state of mind is void.

It is silent and words are missing.

Time and space flow and the madding crowd are wandering outside.

Nobody or crowded, it is only in the memory.

History, reality and the unknown melt together.

Robot 3 chooses rock because thousands of years’ time condensed in it and the divine attached in the ancient years. They have witnessed the history of mankind. They are bystanders of human civilization. They exist in different time dimensions between us.

People walk in the space, and stone tablets move in human’s vision and memory. 23 stone tablets inherit, aggregate, depend and associate. Countless time gives life to the stone tablets. Time floats in the air and attaches to the stone tablets. We give the stone tablets soul.

In the corner of this super city, the unspeakable appears here.

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