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Living Smell by Waterfrom Design, Taipei

The lady of the house, who designs wedding invitations for a living, has a soul molded by plate making, compression molding, laser engraving, and hot foil stamping, has, in the fragrance brand Mad et Len, found the mesmerizing texture that came of limited and simple ease of handicraft. The space became a fragrant art, where the warmth of life become the best way to extract the smell of memory, and allows the habits of the owners, such as triathlon and reading, to become ethereal and spread into the air. The raised multi-layer bookshelf walls and display racks refines the personality and images of the residence. The simple colors and handmade work from the artisan aids the feel of the media such as hand painted and steel brushed veneer materials to replace the clean mechanical feel. On various white background materials, the line and color blocks are fermenting in minimalism, creating a division of order and spatial displacement.

Designed by Waterfrom Design

Photography by Kuomin Lee


In following the continual refinement of Mad et Len bottle to be free and at ease, the primitive lines indoors are taken and geometrically change into light strips, laminates, into horizontal and vertical lines, dividing and lining up, transforming structure and blocks, hiding the condensed black and yellow colors in the minutiae and leaving behind the thickness and layering of the actual lines. Stacking layers upon layers, reducing and reduce further, raising the linear book wall to extreme simplicity like Richard Lin’s minimalist art, and the set up between the color hopping and the layering creates a humors trick of spatial displacement.


The rhythm is like a triathlon, the display writes down the rate flow on a flat space, extending the master’s tracks in life. The parallel laminates sets up a score filled with counterpoints on the wall, where the melody creates the ebb and flow of breathing on the white background wall. The flow gives off an image of solitude, letting the setting sunlight spray and punch through the mesh, and all types of virtual images and dots of light creates illusions of a feast of time as scenes flow by.

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