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Brastemp Experience by MM18 Arquitetura, Brazil

The MM18 Arquitetura office, from Brazil, signs the Brastemp Experience space project, a place created with the intention of exposing the most premium products and bringing consumers closer to the brand by providing experiences and sharing knowledge through courses and events focused mainly on the gastronomy segment. Brastemp Experience is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Designed by MM18 Arquitetura - Mila Strauss and Marcos Paulo Caldeira

The project was designed to connect Brastemp's tradition and vision of the future. For this, a shed was chosen representing the old and traditional part of the brand, with scenographic interventions, walls without right angles - deconstructed - and backlight panels, a contemporary intervention is revealed based on the brand's current branding.

In this sense, a course marked by lighting and floor design allows walking through the surroundings and gradually the experience and experience of the brand. As you walk through it, the visitor see a gallery that represents all the history and technology applied to Brastemp products through a museum room and a projected map room, preceded by an area with backlit panels dedicated to the Vitreous line, consisting of appliances with Sophisticated design and white glass finish.

The Coffee space is conected to the garden in the background and is the most social space of the house, with demarcated environments for exhibition and experimentation of some Brastemp products, such as the new colors of the Mini Frigobar and the B. Blend, the first beverage platform in all- in-one in the world.

In the upper floor, a functional kitchen with products of the Gourmand line was installed and dedicated to the courses and events of gastronomy. In addition, it has an area dedicated to architects and designed to strengthen relations with professionals in this segment.

All the choice of furniture, design and art was carefully thought out in such a way as to make the consumer of Brastemp experience the connection between these distinct worlds and the brand, based on the same principles of seeking the new without losing the connection with the traditional.


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