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Souva by Brandon Archibald Studio, Seoul - South Korea

Challenge: The task was to develop a logo and brand identity along with interior design. The owner already had a picture of an atmosphere and mood of the future restaurant, so our mission was to understand his idea and to show it through the design. The main rule was to avoid usual and cliche way to show Greek style. The Souva restaurant’s mood had to be expressive and catchy, with a bit rough street spirit.


The name had been picked before we started working. The word “Souva” comes from a popular Greek street food dish named “souvlaki” (pieces of grilled meat and vegetables wrapped in pita). We wanted to keep the logo simple and at the same time to transmit a touch of Greek spirit, so the solution was to make a typographic logotype with a slight Greek character in letter “A”. Also we include a symbol of fire, that could be recognized as an olympic one. Since the overall style had to be bright and dynamic, we created a group of alternative logotype symbols.


The idea was to show Greece from a different not typical point of view, because today it is not just ancient statues and blue color. While creating visual identity we basically had to do the same as was done in the kitchen: we wanted to have a contemporary look on Greek style. So the result is a mixture of vintage Greek posters and photos, put together in a collage technique with a handwritten phrases and tags, with a spirit of street-art and underground.

Brand identity and interior design

All visual components starting from food packaging and ending up with interior design transmit the concept’s rioter style - it is very communicative and expressive. We played with original images giving new meanings and new perspectives to the compositions.

This place is not about fancy food, complicated recipes and expensive finishing materials. It’s turned outside in: the street is brought inside the restaurant. For that reason we used simple outside finishing like concrete, metal, rough wood, neon, profiled sheeting and metal mesh; we glued posters and made wall tags.

The work on that project was fun and international in a certain way. Just imagine: Australian guy decided to open a Greek restaurant in South Korea and invited Ukrainian team to work on it. Good plan!

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