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Mobile Marking for Parking Spaces by IONDESIGN

Product Design • mobile marking for parking spaces

The mobile marking for parking spaces offers significant advantages for real estate developers and operators of commercial premises. The outstanding design quality has received one of the most important German design awards: the Red Dot Award 2017 for the product innovation by IONDESIGN Berlin.

Confusing signage and parking chaos

Usually, real estate operators also rent out parking spaces for their commercial premises. Changing tenants require the frequent reassignment of parking areas. The result is a confusing sign accumulation and an incoherent overall impression. In order to reserve parking spaces for tenants, these areas are marked separately and additional parking barriers are used. Among these barriers are fixed brackets, which can be folded down with a key, or complicated lowerable bollards as well as shut-off chains. This means that parking spaces are blocked, but the allocation and labeling must be handled separately: for example in the form of permanently installed license plates or improvised "signs" such as paper printouts in transparent covers. Often, these less-than-ideal solutions are poorly visible, short-lasting and visually unsatisfactory. Often, operators lack the awareness of these problems. Not primarily visually, but mainly functionally, there is a need for action in the management of ​​parking spaces. Guests should quickly find "their" parking, leased parking areas should be clearly identifiable and available areas should be marked as such. The GSG Berlin (Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft mbH) has realized that it must act in order to make their real estate more attractive for tenants. That was the assignment to IONDESIGN Berlin.

Innovation in parking space management

The mobile marking for parking spaces by IONDESIGN improves the quality of parking areas and expands the corporate branding of the operator in the urban environment. The innovation lies in the mobility and stackability of this product. A marking which is placed at the beginning of a parking area means: this place is blocked and free to rent. If the marking is at the end of the area, it reserves the parking space for its tenant. The wedge shape of the parking mark slopes down towards the vehicle, which makes it possible to approach the marking. When a car is parked in front of the bollard, the field in the top part, which has the size of a license plate, remains visible. In the base a recess provides space for a removable concrete slab, which increases the stability. If the plate is inserted as far as it will go, it sinks behind a safety edge that prevents accidental slipping out. The stacking function of the product allows space-saving storage when not in use. Rotational molding as production method makes the bollard robust and weather proof.

Urban product design with increased utility

The mobile marking for parking spaces provides clarity and optimizes the use of parking areas. IONDESIGN has a clear focus on the functionality of this product:

For tenants: the size of a car license plate in the upper part of the product clearly assigns the parking lot to its tenant. The marking remains visible even when a car is parked in front of it. The mobility of the product makes it possible to block the parking area by changing the position when not in use.

For prospective tenants: parking spaces which are not rented out are blocked by the mobile bollard. The field in the size of a license plate gives information about the contact to the landlord. The allocation can cost-effectively and flexibly be changed with foils.

For guests: guests can easily find their parking spaces. Different colorings of the plastic allow the differentiation of different parking categories.

For operators: The mobile marking is particularly interesting for operators, who provide tenant and visitor parking spaces. The color adaptation according to the corporate design of the operator enhances the external representation of the company in the external areas. The placement of a logo on the parking mark also transforms the parking areas into an integral part of the company presentation. This considerably increases the visibility of the operator company.

Design and production: Made in Germany

IONDESIGN has made the project production ready in cooperation with the medium-sized company ATL. Other successful products have already emerged from this collaboration. This partnership also serves the workflow. During the product development, prototypes could be manufactured and tested at short notice, without causing long transport times and high delivery costs. The mobile marking for parking spaces is available directly at By producing on demand, coloring, placing of the operator’s logo and quantity can be adjusted individually and cost-effectively.

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