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Street Burger by Cite', Islamabad - Pakistan

Inside a mix-use plaza dating back to early 90’s in economic/business hub of capital city, street burger is a recent addition designed by Cite’ . Street Burger brings the atmosphere of a New York City like burger joint to Islamabad. Street burger is an intimate industrial-chic enclosure covered in metal and Stone.

Designed by Cite

Restaurant has a collapsible door which merges interior to exterior. Black Metal grid ceiling compliments the Metal container door wall. Stone floor provides the contrasting foreground against colorful Container Doors space. Interior is a mix of primary colors and geometric patterns. Transparent chairs are added to add openness in the space.

Façade holds a graffiti strip which wraps around. The idea was to wrap the fabric with art. So, that art can be the outer shell of the enclosure.

Cite’ is an Islamabad based Architecture and Interior Design Firm. Cite’ has done various architecture and interior design projects across Pakistan.

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