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Openness.Closeness | Zhanjiang Race Steak House by C.DD

Designer combines Chinese and Western culture tactfully and uses innovative design method to create a pleasure dining space.

Design Company: C.DD

Chief designer: HE Xiao-Ping, LI Xing-Lin

Design Team: CAI Tie-Lei, YU Guo-Neng, ZENG Xiang-Ru, HE Liu-Wei

Photographer: OUYANG Yun

Openness and closeness is a contradictory combination, and a relative goodness. The extremely simple lines are used for the vivid space division, so as to meet the dining demands to the largest extent. Different dining areas are divided by rectangular glasses of different sizes and steel framework, where watermark glass and proper blank space offer people wide vision while keep the privacy. The exterior eversion window is both beautiful and practical.

Designer has a high requirement on choosing materials. The contrast of different materials as white wall, wood and leather make a richly textured space. Green brings a sense of vividness and nature to the