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Apinara Thai Cuisine and Bar by RN Design Studio, Hong Kong

Apinara is the new restaurant and bar concept from the award-winning team behind Nara Thai Cuisine. More than a Thai restaurant, Apinara has a large open bar serving up varieties of Thai inspired drinks. Its luxurious wooden ambience is the place to enjoy an impressive range of delicate and creative dishes. All the favourites are on the menu, and of course, as are the many inventive new dishes that deftly combine big flavours with decadent ingredients. Also, with an authentic bike stall seated at the atrium area, it serves takeaway salads and mango sticky rice during weekdays lunch hours alongside an array of Thai imported packaged snacks every day.

Designed by RN Design Studio

Design Brief:

To create a space reflective of Apinara Thai Cuisine and Bar at CentralWorld in Bangkok, yet providing a modern Hong Kong touch that matches the sophistication of Pacific Place

Design Elements:

We played around with contrasting natural materials like wood and marble, against contemporary materials like stainless steel and mirror; a balance of which helped to create a modern yet traditional Thai sense of space.

The weave-patterned feature wall was created using a mixture of bronze stainless steel and tinted mirror. The theme of balance is again reinforced here, which helps in enhancing the brand identity.

There are two zones in this restaurant - the Bar area and the Dining area. The Bar area allows customers to wind-down and relax, before the smooth transition through the golden arches into a more quiet and intimate Dining area.


Wood: This natural material can be found weaving seamlessly throughout the restaurant - in the walls, the roof ceiling, the wine rack etc. The use of wood brings out a warm, natural and tropical feeling; reminiscent of Thailand.

Mirror: The use of mirror throughout the restaurant balances form and function - it helps open up the space, and also gives a modern touch to a traditional Thai space.

Marble: The use of marble on the bar counter and dining tables help create a luxurious and sophisticated vibe to the restaurant, resonating with the restaurant’s location in an upscale shopping mall.

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