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Inspired by Travelling, Novels, Movies and Songs | Egue y Seta

Photographer by Jose Luis de Aires

Felipe Araujo, Designer and Founder of Egue y Seta gives us an insight on a few projects that they are working on "in the oven" and his thoughts on where his inspiration comes from.


Q: Why did you get into Interior Design?

A: I did three years of architecture and then thought I liked better graphic design. When I was about to finish that I realized i was missing something. I wanted to go 3d again, create spaces with / from this graphic background and not the other way around. Environmental graphics (signage / branding, wayfinding) were an introduction, but that quickly evolved into the whole of scope of interior design.

Q: How did you start up your career?

A: My first design related job was doing flash animation of oil extraction procedures in the Venezuelan state owned oil company. Though it may not sound like fun, it really was. After coming to Spain to do masters degrees both in public spaces and private realm design I briefly worked for an interior design studio and soon after set up my own firm with my current design partner Daniel who I met back at ELISAVA school of design.