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Soft Paper Brand by PSH, Korea

Steel & Flexible. We designed the candle holder products through the combination of these two words.

The Candle holder is a DIY product that folds and twists a thin, flat flexible steel.

Designed by PSH, Soft Paper

We tried to simplify manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes.

Manufactured from laser processing only. And since it is packed in a planar state, it can load a lot of volume with less volume.

In addition, you can easily assemble a single flat steel without any combination parts. It is offered in 3 sizes (styles) and can be displayed in various ways.

Candle holders are softpaper brand products, softpaper is PSH company's brand.

PSH was established in 2010 by the name of ” ittta. ”. Based on the base of the industrial design, we conducted various design strategies for designing various fields.

In 2017, the company changed its name to “PSH”(Pil Soo Han design studio) to clarify the design base business. PSH aims at quality design rather than quantity. PSH further strives to be a model case of design studies. PSH has very sophisticated designers gathered. They have been persevering and developing for a long time and trying not to lose the sense of vocation of design.

These process has led them to become very rational, very emotional, and to grow as a very sophisticated designer. They fight for a successful project with highly focused, tenacious analysis and insight.

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