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Duetto by ANGATU - Brazil

In order to create a center of artistic and cultural activities in Vitória - Brazil, the Duetto project was demanded with the challenge to gather in the same building activities such as classical ballet, choral, ballroom dancing, art exhibitions and martial arts. Result of the renovation of an old precast hangar, the premise of the project was to harmonize and connect the building with the existing surroundings and vegetation.

Designed by ANGATU

The old facade made of masonry had to be completely demolished to be rebuilt and to create the new openings. The apparent concrete in the facade balances the exterior colors, makes the building timeless and values the misaligned windows. Those misaligned frames bring the effect of scenes formed by the activities that take place inside the building as the observer walks to the outside.

On the first level, the ramp guides the walking around the tree and connects to a meeting place. Duetto is located on the top floor of the building, and its access occurs by the passage on the side of the first floor.

Just when you come in, there is the burgundy stair and the proposed lighted rips on the walls and ceiling which have the function to impact the users and guide them to the main hall. Burnt cement floor, brick walls, metal tile and ceiling covered with plywood sheets gives cosiness and makes a modern meeting atmosphere, waiting and relaxation enhanced by the Coffee.

Inside the classrooms, the metal structure has been maintained and restored to add value to the industrial concept applied on the project, referring to the old New York’s sheds and lofts. The stair located in the main hall is the access to the owner’s office and also to the largest classroom of the building. Internally, the window frames the existing green masses in the surroundings, bringing them into the environment. The desired feeling during the classes is to be within the canopy of a tree.

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