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SUPER POOL by Jen Lewin - Hong Kong

Lewin has definitely created a wonderful and unique installation for all adults and children to run, jump and step along to create a sea of glowing pools, creating your own ripples of light.

2017.02.17-19 Chater Garden - six rings ​​18:00-22:00(Fri) 17:00-22:00 (Sat/Sun)

2017.02.23-26 Tsuen Wan Park - eight rings 18:00-22:00(Thu/Fri) 17:00-22:00 (Sat/Sun)

2017.03.03-05 Hong Kong Maritime Museum - six rings (indoors) 15:00-21:30(Fri) 13:30-21:30(Sat) 13:30-20:30(Sun

2017.03.09-18 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza – six rings x 2 18:30-22:20 (Mon-Sun)

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