SUPER POOL by Jen Lewin - Hong Kong

SUPER POOL is in Hong Kong! Artist Jen Lewin has created an installation which consists of six concentric rings of interactive LED pads. Since the launch of SUPER POOL in 2014 it has exhibited across the USA and travelled to over 30 major installations worldwide.

Lewin has definitely created a wonderful and unique installation for all adults and children to run, jump and step along to create a sea of glowing pools, creating your own ripples of light.

2017.02.17-19 Chater Garden - six rings ​​18:00-22:00(Fri) 17:00-22:00 (Sat/Sun)

2017.02.23-26 Tsuen Wan Park - eight rings 18:00-22:00(Thu/Fri) 17:00-22:00 (Sat/Sun)

2017.03.03-05 Hong Kong Maritime Museum - six rings (indoors) 15:00-21:30(Fri) 13:30-21:30(Sat) 13:30-20:30(Sun

2017.03.09-18 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza – six rings x 2 18:30-22:20 (Mon-Sun)

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