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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul by Kali Arquitetura, Brazil

This pool house, whose execution took only 30 days, was designed focusing on the amazing views of the river and two postcards of Porto Alegre: the Porto Alegre's Quayside and the Usina do Gasômetro.

Designed by Kali Arquitetura

Photographer by Marcelo Donadussi

The first design decision was how the pool house would lease on the area. Considering the natural environment and other important factors, such as the pre-existence of the family home and leisure area (deck, pool and pier), our starting point was: an edge of the prism would be placed in the land border and the three other walls would be large mobile glass walls (sliding doors that allow tight integration with the surroundings).

Another determining factor was the definition of the constructive system. Being a construction performed in a short period of time and the need for a lightweight construction because of the river proximity, it was

decided to use metallic structure. This material allowed the slender lines, which in addition to the displacement of the building in relation to the natural cut of the land helped give lightness so that the pool house does not stands out in relation to residence, designed and executed in 2012 by the office.

Minimalist lines, pure materials and the purpose to translate lightness were the intent just not of the external volume, but also of the interior design. The only opaque wall served to support all fixed equipment. In it, the uses were separated by differentiation of colors and materials. The worktop island, with a single central support and largely balance, strengthens the initial concept. The sober colors predominate and the contrast is between the black, gray and white. Indirect lighting enhances the volume and brings elegance to the environment.

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