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Maui Pops by Brandon Archibald Studio, Hawaii

Client: Popsicle store located in Maui Harbor Shops center (Maui island, Hawaii). The project has been initiated by the development company USAI Investments (Dallas, TX) and so far was not brought to life.

Designed by Brandon Archibald

Challenge: We had to develop brand concept and build the complex identity along with the interior design of the first outlet in the chain.


As we started working on a project and exploring the task we were attracted by a truly Hawaiian character - the Tiki. In Polynesian culture this word stands for different types of idols ranging from wooden ceremonial statues of Maori tribe to the stone figures on Easter Island. Hawaiian culture has the same roots. For that reason we decided to take Tiki as a key branding element and gave him some delicious and refreshing Maui Popsicle to taste. It was a love at first bite!

Brand identity and interior design

Branding was developed along with Interior design — the core idea is a mixture of ethnic motives in a contemporary look and a colorful palette that suits bright Hawaiian spirit. The style started growing into something fun - new moves, fonts and other graphic solutions were added. The main Maui Pops character — the Tiki — meets the visitors inside the shop. He is a part of a phrase that combines words with symbols. We’ve added juicy fruit signs that demonstrate the variety of popsicle flavors. And the exit is through the gift shop as usual! We’ve made three heights of the chairs for the kids of different age and grownups. The counter has an unusual shape that suits all chairs and makes interior more dynamic.

Project team:

Boris Alexandrov, Anna Alexandrova — creative direction

Anton Storozhev — designer

Elena Parhisenko — designer

Aleksandra Gerasimenko — designer

Daria Svidchenko — designer

Anna Alexandrova — interior designer

Dimitry Panasiuk — copywriter

Dimitry Shmatenko, Sergey Makuhovskiy, Alexander Gusarev — visualization

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