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Ri&co Restaurant by Vitale, Spain

Grao de Castellón, its landscape, its tradition and Mediterranean flavors are the inspiration for this restaurant located in a unique setting overlooking the sea. Vitale creates a global brand project, interior design and corporate strategy resulting in a business that merges past and present in a family, eclectic and festive atmosphere.

Designed by Vitale

The commercial premise has a regular plant about 185 m2, located parallel to the beach, which is distributed providing about 60 m2 for kitchen and 125 m2 for diners area.

The porcelain tile floor is divided into large areas that give rhythm to the space by combining different finishes in cement and vintage wood. One of the priorities in the layout of tables was the perpendicularity of sea for providing an optimal view of the landscape.

The restaurant rescues culinary tradition and leads to a slow food philosophies, in which traditional local dishes explore new trends and customer can relate in a cozy and plural environment. In this line, the project proposes communal tables, benches and intimate spaces that respond to a wide variety of uses and situations. The restaurant has a reading corner, perfect for keeping the kids amused, and lounge area for adults to extend the table talk.

The restaurant is designed as an extension of the environment. The terrace merges with the interior because of the facade facing the sea is modulated with a folding glass wall that can be fully opened to the outside. This design optimizes the business potential according to climatology of each season.

The tubular metal structures decorate the ceilings of the central area of the restaurant providing a visual dynamism with crosshatching. They are also used to cover the pillars and layout the space, at the same time act as dividers and provide certain privacy in the area of tables.

The aesthetic and the materials used establish a dialogue between traditional and the contemporary. The colorful beach huts typical of the early last century is remembered and complemented by nautical lamps to create a maritime atmosphere. The furniture is made with noble materials such as oak and marble.

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