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Outer.Shoes by Kube Arquitetura

Outer. Shoes’ aspiration is to allow the transformation of the cosmopolitan man into a more nature-integrated person, without losing their modernity and contemporary sophistication. To accomplish that, Kube Arquitetura developed the concept Urban Garden for the brand’s stores.

Designed by Kube Arquitetura

The main objective for this project is the creation of a fresh and contemporary atmosphere, bringing a little of nature into the city.

This idea is shown through the use of natural textures, elements found in gardens and big cities, such as bricks, demolition wood and metal sheets.

Even before walking into the store, the main focus of the project is to make it stand out over the other ones, and that happens through the creation of an oasis in the mall’s hall; an atmosphere that creates a strong emotional connection between the brand and the client. The windows are always positioned according to the best flow and the entrance makes the clients feel welcome.

For Outer. Shoes, there’s no pattern. Each store is a different store and has a different format. The atmosphere is the same, but some details vary, making every store a unique place. The color palette and materials are Outer’s trademarks and they appear in every project. This is how Kube designs each store, evolving the concept but never making the other ones feel “old”.

Besides creating the concept and the brand’s atmosphere and show them through the store’s architecture, Kube also designs every piece of furniture and Outer’s charming details. The office projects the crude boxes used as benches for the clients to try the shoes on; they also design the lamps and product displays, and uses an old archive as a display in the middle of the store.

The mix of new and re-used elements, alongside the day-to-day objects such as magazines, vases, tools and images (static and in movement) make the client feel at home and welcome to touch and try the product, interacting with the shoes, bags and accessories and, this way, improving their shopping experience.

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