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The Park Complex by Creativ Interior, Romania

An elegant contemporary style apartment, The Park Complex. Designed by Creativ Interior

This stylish apartment is located in The Park residential complex near Tineretului Park in Bucharest, Romania. Design concept started from the idea to create an elegant and attractive ambiance, but which convey the feeling of comfort and positive emotion.

Its elegant lines, at the same time modern are complemented by textures and art deco shapes and industrial ones, that integrates the project. The chromatic range is oscillated between the calm tone of pastels of the washable until the dramatic stage due the photo wallpapers. All finishes maximize and accentuate the space in a graceful way, considering that the end result must be a luxury one.

If the living room and dining area are furnished in a contemporary style-industrial, in which we have many custom elements: decorative cladding panels on the walls or ceiling, the bedroom is inspired by the sumptuous hotel rooms in american style. Here the colors and finishes are much more relaxed - beiges and grays in pastel’s tones, soft textiles and upholsteries, wool carpet and natural wood veneer.

The bathrooms were designed according to right flow, but taking into account the stylish design due suggested finishes, like marble, shiny painted MDF furniture, gold metallic accessories etc.

Simplicity and the elegance is the essential key in this project. We tried not crowded the space, but on the contrary to use the most useful items to let more airy atmosphere. We are proud of this concept and this due to the close collaboration with the client and the freedom to create the project from 0.

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