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Itahye House by Apiacas Arquitetos, Brazil

Designed by the Brazilian architectural office Apiacás Arquitetos to be implemented in a condominium lot in a city near São Paulo (Brazil), it was possible to develop the Itahye House project with the contribution of the client, who agreed with the proposal to build a house that established a direct relationship with the street. Two parallel porticos intersected by a rectangular volume are implanted in the longitudinal direction to the lot and this arrangement configures new situations of permanence in a terrain of marked slope.

The longitudinal volume houses all the intimate area - rooms, laundry and TV room -, is connected in level with the garage and has its circulation facing the patio that gives access to the leisure area, swimming pool and sauna. Its slab cover determines the level of the living room and extends, level, up the public walk, literally like an inner street. The perpendicular porticos to the volume of the rooms shelter the rest of the program. In front, the portico marks the entrance like a shelter for who arrives of the street, besides containing the kitchen. In this situation, the offices developed a wooden brise system, which has the function of protection against solar radiation, the role of preserving, when necessary, the daily life of the house.

The second portico at the other end of the prism and at the bottom of the lot houses the rest of the program - the living and dining area connected to the kitchen by a suspended glass enclosure. The hiatus between living and kitchen forms a suspended patio, facing the main view of the condominium, a large area of natural preservation that frames the landscape.

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