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Yakuin Condominium Renovation by Yusaku Matsuoka Architects and Associates, Japan

This renovation of a condominium in a complex built in 1982 in the city of Fukuoka comprises the second stage of the “Ever Design Project,” which aims to fully renovate and resell previously occupied condominiums. The design makes optimal use of the compact 50 m2 space, while also ensuring the marketability of the unit by providing future occupants with three possible layouts to choose from and significantly improving thermal performance.

Photography by Yousuke Harigane

The thermal environment of the unit was improved by spraying insulation onto the interior side of all outer walls and installing double-pane windows. High-gloss sheets were attached to the ceilings of the living-dining area, and metallic square panels of varying sizes and types were attached to the walls. These varied reflective surfaces bring a sense of expansiveness and broadened line of site to the interior space. Photographs and other decorative items can be attached to the metallic panels with magnets, turning each one into a unique “rectangular flower” on the wall.

Adding tiling underneath the windows turns part of the floor into a reservoir for storing heat and cold, and also creates a “margin” for plants and other items that add color to daily life. At night, the plants are reflected in the double-pane glass, which is covered with sheets of delicately glittering material, creating an attractive atmosphere distinct from that which suffuses the rooms during the daytime. The design is intended to diversely reflect the original touches that residents bring to it, enlivening their daily lives by expanding their living space outwards.

The kitchen is open, yet still provides enough concealment to satisfy the demands of both convenience and aesthetics. The bathroom includes a large sink counter that can do double duty as a dressing table.

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