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My visit to Siam Discovery in Bangkok, Thailand

Upon my recent visit to Bangkok, I was told to visit Siam Discovery. A department store designed by Japanese Studio, Nendo. This is their biggest project to date and I must admit it didn't disappoint.

The interior and exterior are surrounded by geometric shapes making the place very futuristic with a hint of fantasy as I walked into the shopping centre. The name 'Siam Discovery' is literally what I did as I visited each level, it felt like being in a different place every time. There was so much to see, left, right and centre - I was captivated.

Nendo gave a different concept for Siam Discovery, because they didn't design the centre by categorising product brands like you would see in typical department stores, instead they gave them a theme which gets the customers interacted within the design. Which is the reason why I enjoyed walking through this centre, since I am not one to do much shopping, therefore I was surprised to find myself in Siam Discovery for almost 2 hours!