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My visit to Siam Discovery in Bangkok, Thailand

Upon my recent visit to Bangkok, I was told to visit Siam Discovery. A department store designed by Japanese Studio, Nendo. This is their biggest project to date and I must admit it didn't disappoint.

The interior and exterior are surrounded by geometric shapes making the place very futuristic with a hint of fantasy as I walked into the shopping centre. The name 'Siam Discovery' is literally what I did as I visited each level, it felt like being in a different place every time. There was so much to see, left, right and centre - I was captivated.

Nendo gave a different concept for Siam Discovery, because they didn't design the centre by categorising product brands like you would see in typical department stores, instead they gave them a theme which gets the customers interacted within the design. Which is the reason why I enjoyed walking through this centre, since I am not one to do much shopping, therefore I was surprised to find myself in Siam Discovery for almost 2 hours!

With that said, I believe that retail designs are slowly changing, instead of solely designing square or rectangle shaped shops within the department store, designers are experimenting and giving life to the whole department store itself. Which is good for people like me as well as people who like to window shop or are trying to kill time because you could say it's almost like walking into an exhibition or a museum.

My verdict? If you ever visit Bangkok, make sure you stop by Siam Discovery, it is worth the sight! Interesting visuals from top to bottom, definitely not your everyday shopping centre and a place you won't get bored in!

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