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Brussels by Night by A&B Project, Brussels

Over the years, the Brussels Furniture Fair has become a strong, well-populated event with the dynamism of a truly international trade fair, featuring powerful, commercial products and a raft of innovations. Its key characteristics are the numerous loyal exhibitors who come year after year, the products with real market value, and the presence of leading international brands.

Designed by A&B Project

Photography by Stefan Martens

In Hall 6, “Brussels by Night” has established itself as a fair within a fair, and is an essential port of call of all sleep specialists. The leading Belgian offering will of course be on display, with stunning presentations, stylish products and stand-out technical features. As a true Benelux trade fair, Brussels by Night is notable for the presence of numerous Dutch exhibitors. The sleeping sector is particularly innovative, so a stage dedicated to highlighting the stand-out technical and design developments is essential.

The Furniture Fair is all about meeting, taking a look, and doing business. The organization of the fair asked A&B Project to design a space for hall 6 where visitors are welcomed at Brussels by Night and can enjoy a drink in an atmospheric and cozy place.

Inspired by architectural elements, the bar and reception area are constructed with angled wooden slats, creating different shapes of surfaces, yet form an open and dynamic whole. Some surfaces are closed with semi-transparent canvas, creating privacy for the visitors.

Inside, 2 lounge platforms are created by the slats, an elevated floor and a canvas with print of the campaign visual, completed with lounge poufs and suspended bulb lamps. The campaign visual is also the eye-catcher of the back-bar.

The warm color of the plywood floors and bar furniture balances the white of the canvas and white-washed wooden finish of the slats.

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