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Debrand by MW Design, Taiwan

Located at the most popular sector in Taipei Taiwan - Ximending, the experience begins with the archway shaped like the brand logo. The shop windows are lined with two models exhibiting the latest products from Debrand to wet the customers’ appetite before heading inside. It is hard to ignore the sci-fi-inspired storefront walking down the street. Debrand is owned by a Taiwanese singer and pop culture icon, Kenji Wu. The target audiences are between 20s to30s who like to show off their characteristics through unique clothing. When guests come to Debrand, they are going to be immersed like no other store can.

Designed by MW Design

When entering the store, the lights mounted on the archway changes color with sci-fi voice welcoming the guests. The lamp tubes in front of the archway are arranged in λ-shape which mimics the inner part of Debrand’s logo; the lamp tubes and the archway as a whole recreate the brand’s logo. Looking to the left are two exhibits at the display window that look like Iron Man’s Hall of Armor. The first floor is covered in black with lighting strips installed in grid pattern in the ceiling creating an illusion of arriving at a base of a spaceship. From the moment the guests enter Debrand, they are transformed from ordinary people to superheroes.