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Zhongshuge in Shanghai Réel Mall by X+Living

Background of a busy city is always the randomly standing neon lights. Hurried pedestrians cross the street from one side to the other, from one block to another block by passing through the street. When viewing from above, you could see people come and go, the streets are crowded with pedestrians and vehicles, only the zebra crossings stand still to offer convoy and guidance. Réel Mall is at such a street corner filled with traveling and short stay, which is located at the centre of Shanghai - Jing’an district, and Zhongshuge is at the end of the 4th floor of Réel Mall.

Designed by X+Living

Design Director: LI Xiang

Design Team: LIU Huan, FAN Chen, TONG Ni-Na

Photography by Shao Feng

Come to the 4th floor by taking a lift and look further into this space, you might see the glass curtain wall with subtitles of Zhongshuge. It is dimly visible that the clean and neat white and grey colors fade softly into each other harmoniously; and quiet halo comes out through the gaps of the subtitle curtain wall. Walk closer and then walk into it. You would find out that the story Zhongshuge is going to tell is somehow related to zebra crossing. This is the feeling that this Zhongshuge store wants to express, and this is a microcosm of busy Shanghai. The plain concrete represents the color of the city road, and white book tables stand still on the road in an orderly manner. On the floor, there are painted white zebra crossings linking to the book tables, which give clear guidance to the path between book tables. On the wall, it is fully covered with white circular tubes. Each of the white circular tubes spread over the wall could retract into or stretch out of the wall freely, in this way, different array patterns could be formed with such flexibility. While this flexible design acts as book shelves, it also reflects the quick changed social status quo. Here, readers enter into a city space where there is no heavy traffic, but only quiet “roads and zebra crossings” and mountains of books on the books tables. Zebra crossing is like books that accompany our growth. Get the correct guidance at the right time. The spiritual connection between books and readers is thus expressed.