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5,000 fabric strips delicately draping in Brac Bookstore + Café in Florence

Steps away from the historic piazza della signoria in florence, architecture studio DEFERRARI+MODESTI has re-designed the ‘brac’ bookstore and café as a serene space to eat, drink, read and retreat from the city center.hidden among a plethora of courtyards, the 75 square meter eatery and library offers a reinterpretation of an archetypal ‘literary café’, comprising a contemporary art bookstore, a lounge, and a kitchen serving vegetarian and vegan dishes.


At the heart of DEFERRARI+MODESTI’s interior intervention is a 65 square meter courtyard, which visibly links the two main rooms — the restaurant in the back, and the art bookstore nearer to the main entrance. this semi-outdoor space is characterized by its verticality and color, and has been conceived to limit the transmission of noise to the surrounding residences.

Here, a temporary installation created alongside architects valentina muscedra and sergio leone features a vibrant display of more than 5,000 fabric strips that hang from a modular structure made from steel cables overhead. organized in of palette of nine different hues, the textiles envelop visitors in a warm and whimsical space. a granulated pavement made of gray bardiglio marble forms a path marked by sandstone slabs, recalling the texture of the bamboo flooring used throughout the interior.