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Apartments at the Bolshevik Factory by IND Architects, Russia

Loft style business class apartments is the real history that residents of the complex can come in touch with. We have made a thorough study of the past and the present of the Bolshevik factory, and we offer a project that accentuates authentic details through modern materials and approaches. The industrial look of the buildings to be renovated under the project draws attention, as it did more than hundred years ago; it fits in the current structure of the complex and offers comfortable modern apartments at the very heart of the capital city.

Designed by IND Architects

Brick, metal, and glass are the main materials. Foresides of the building No. 9 were reconstructured carefully and remained almost unchanged. The framework is decorated with restored brickwork with historical tracery embodied in various materials and structures. The staircase became one of the most striking elements of the framework design. The design of the staircase was inspired by current technological and positional connections of the complex, which are not necessary in the modern function. Stair flights behind the glass foreside are well-lit during nighttime hours. Industrial simplicity and cleanness are accentuated by a pattern, just as they are in the whole complex—metal stair railings are decorated with this pattern.

The historical pattern has formed the local identity of the complex and is used in its interior and exterior. Its motives show up in the perforation of metal panels and in the boarding of entrance canopies, which gleam in the evening hours.

The concept of apartments at the Bolshevik factory was created for forward-thinking urban residents, who respect their own time and convenience—elaborate space allows creating snug apartments at the very heart of cultural and business life. Anything and everything that a modern metropolis resident needs will be provided for on a single territory—business area, recreational zones and services, modern dwelling.

There is a yard with all modern conveniences in the complex, too. A green oasis and a small playground point out the Bolshevik’s dwelling function, add coziness to the space, and increase the level of tranquility a residential compound, and especially a space that fuses personal and business aspects, needs. Dwellers can have a rest outdoors on well-furnished landscaped roofs of the residential compound, too.

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