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JOOOS Fitting Room by X+Living, Hangzhou - China

JOOOS Fitting Room integrates the Top 100 fashion brands in the sales list of Tmall, and selects 4 most representative collections through buyers: Mori Girl Collection, Celebrity Collection, OL Collection and Fashionable Girl Collection. The store hopes to make up the sense of emptiness of fitting brought by modern online shopping.

Designed by X+Living

Design Director: Li Xiang

Design Team: Liu Huan, Ren Li-Jiao, Jia Yuan-Yuan

Photographer: Shao Feng

Clothes, as the unique fruit of human’s labor, it is not only the representation and product of material civilization, but also has profound meaning in spiritual culture. The evolution history of clothes, in some sense, is also an emotionalized development history of human culture. From the date clothes occurred, people have already integrated their life custom, aesthetic taste, color preference, cultural attitudes and religion believes into it, and the spirit connotation of clothes culture is thus built.