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Office design for Blue Moon Films: A Line between Time by Cun-Design, China

Many new landmark buildings have been constructed with the urbanization of China. However, old buildings are rather overlooked in modern era. It is time to slow down, and reevaluate what contributes to the rebirth of buildings.

Designed by Cun-Design

Photographer: Wang Ting, Wang Jin

This mansion located on the bank of Wen-Yu River of east Beijing. It is flattering to call it a mansion. The whole building was constructed at the end of 1990s, and had been left much broken now. The building is old not only in its design but also the construction, structure and internal functions. Architectural design in old times obeys to a set form; function layout of a residential building must be in accordance with characteristics of that era, yet such characteristics are not up-to-date. They fit for the way of life of those days but not for current times. Our first impression on this house is that it is out of tune with today’s people and their way of living. We maintained its original structure during the renovation, and formed a contrasting boundary between old and new within the project. While highlighting relationship between indoor space and outdoor courtyards, the designer takes full use of the finely cut single sided connection to maximize the use of space, in this way, original structure of this old building has been fully retained. With open courtyard, plants, lighting and shadows, the design integrates indoor space with outdoor space and make the space return to its original nature. An intimate, easy-accepted and low profile space is thus created.