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Let's take a wander through K11 - A World in a Well Exhibition

Follow me on my journey to self-reflection, retrospection and transition. At K11 art mall in Hong Kong, contemporary artist from China - Song Dong has his signature artwork 'A World in a Well' exhibited during the festive season.

When I was child, I was told a story about a frog who was trapped in a well and as it looked up, it could only see a portion of the sky, it made the frog believe that the world was so small - what else is there possibly to see out there?

As I stepped into this 5 metre tall 'Well' created from more than 40 recycled windows and doors, I instantly went back into time and recited that story as a child, finally understanding the moral and realising that 'The sky is the limit". I love how Dong uses this metaphor to illustrate this, he shows how some people can be narrow-minded and trapped like the frog.

The design is unique, from the exterior it's embedded with golden mirrors, suggesting that inside is probably luxurious, however it is the exact opposite. You are surrounded by mirrors constantly reflecting the lights from above, creating an infinite illusion. And that's how we should see life, with endless possibilities.

The “Kaleidoscope Tunnel” - A Kaleidoscope is a tube containing mirrors and coloured shapes that form symmetrical patterns reflected many times over. We’ve all played with them as a child and have been amazed by the dizzying light shows they possess.

I was super excited and in awe whilst watching the colours and pattern changing, if only I could stay in the kaleidoscope tunnel forever! However you're only allowed 3 minutes in there, but its definitely 3 minutes of childhood fantasy fulfilled, it's such a wonderful experience so don't miss out!

Reflections by SKY Yutaka - Okay, so I got to admit that when I stepped out to the Piazza, the first thing I noticed was the sound, it felt like I was in the ocean as the 9 metre high and 100 metre long reflections hung above me. With the wind blowing in different directions, the 'reflections' moves and bends causing different and unique illusions by using natural sunlight during the day, but by night they use kinetic spot lighting for a rather special effect along with music.- Serenity.

Around the mall you will see other showcases by Pengguin called "#Msssg" - A reinterpretation of 11 paragraphs of text. As today's technology has replaced face-to-face interaction, visual thinking has suffered immensely. Therefore the artist has presented the words in a less conventional way, in hopes to reconnect the audience both emotionally and intellectually with the written words.

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