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HI-POP Tea Concept Store by Construction Union, China

The project is located in an old street full of nostalgia and memories of childhood. It is called CD street. A place filled with CDs, toys and elaborate works; a place where the local post-80s will never forget and a place where local trend started in early 90s. Today, it is no longer bustling; there is no student fashionista and no smell of memories. In this fast developing era, while top buildings are booming up, streets of old neighborhood fall quietly. Without past bustling and song of HK idols, there is more silence, but memories never die.

Designed by Construction Union

Design Team: Chen Xiejin, Wenwei, Xiong Lifen

Photographer: Ouyang Yun

The project is a fashionable brand drink store whose target customers are mainly fashionable youths. The designers’ first idea is to build a fashion store to lead the tide of fashion of this old street through integrating old memories into the store. The designer, at the same time, wants to combine HI-POP’s brand concept to upgrade the store image through design, so as to increase its social awareness in a long term.

Design concept is derived from the outbreak of cool feeling when we use tube to drink carbonated soft drinks in our childhood. The sweet, gassy liquid goes into our month instantaneously and goes deep through our esophagus, and then a “belch” is made, this cool feeling is our biggest satisfaction as a child. Indoor space of the site is a rectangle space which is built mainly by connecting two space blocks-a yellow box and a black box. The ceiling is decorated with tube element which extends from the entry to the deepest interior space and connects the yellow box and black box .It reaches the deepest place of the space, just like the burst of taste and texture when we drink soft drinks.

Blocks of the floor and wall use encaustic tiles with sketch, which makes visitors remember how it felt like doodling circles on paper during their boring school days. The combination of the two blocks and ceiling, and the interweaving of spaces, together with the decoration of simple but strange monster dolls design and fashionable dolls; a space which could make customers recall the past is created. The whole atmosphere keeps customers’ spirits up and increase subconsciously customers eating speed. Guest flow of the store is increased in this way, and such design fits the business operating mode of today’s fashionable food and beverage space.

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