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The Story of Light and Shadow | Beijing Tongying Center InterContinental Hotel

Beijing Tongying Center InterContinental Hotel lies in the heart of Sanlitun, Beijing – a prime location for fashion and culture. During the day, it is crowded with people, its night is as bright as the daytime and bustling sounds and gorgeous colors fill the city with din and luxury.

Lighting Design: GD-Lighting Design

Chief Designer: Yenchih Wang IALD Professional Member

Design Team: Tim Cheng, Hui Ren, Xin Qi

Photographer: Zhi Xia

Focusing on fashion, technology and future development, InterContinental strives to create a fashion lifestyle flagship store in a new yuppie style.

150 meters high, InterContinental Hotel is largely constructed with glass façades with its "honeycomb diamond" section-like exterior, full of sense of design. The huge hexagonal double-layer glass awning at the entrance has finely casted and presented the "honeycomb" concept of the building.

At the entrance, a huge hexagonal double layer glass canopy develops and presents the “honeycomb” concept of the building. Working with the concepts of architects, lighting designers choose "Tiffany Blue", a cooler colour, as the core colour; integrated with the blooming and washing lighting effects caused by ultra-white glass and glass folders, to create distinct layering, and differentiates from the surrounding colorful lighting environment to generate great visual impact.

There are two large glass boxes with built-in custom crystal screen set symmetrically at the entrance of hotel, appearing refined and warm under the action of light. The screen is built in with numerous crystal pieces, varied in size and orientation. These crystal pieces are illuminated from top and bottom by linear luminaries, creating a three-dimensional, clear and sparkling image; restlessly displaying the hotel's sense of fashion, brilliance, luxury and quality.

This is a "story-making space"

Walking in to the hotel, you can see book shelves and screens so high that nearly reaching towards the sky, it’s like the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter which has strong sense of decorated drama. With devices, sculptures and artworks everywhere, it has realized a state of harmony between retro and modern. In order to avoid the feeling of oppression from the tall empty lobby, light was used to represent a touching effect to its most extent in this space and it guides people’s focus on each small design detail, adding vividness into the space.

There are seven restaurants in the hotel, namely, "Ying" which offers Chinese food, "Ying" cuisine, "Hot Spot" bar and "Hot Spot" Span, "Yi" steakhouse, beer bar and dessert store, each equipped with unique dining space and innovative idea of food.

These restaurants' lighting design are tailored according to their interior decoration and respective cultural characteristics of food; while combining the lighting and special environment, at the same time, weakens functional lighting and emphasizes on decorative and accent lighting. With careful carving and various techniques; lighting helped shaping 7 types of different temperament, styles and dining atmosphere.

There are 300 rooms available in the hotel in modern style and elegant decoration. The round design of the rooms makes the original rigid 45 square meters area artistic and cutting-edged, also expanding the space. The grey colored open wardrobe allows you to imagine that you are in the display room of fashion stores. In terms of lighting design, various indirect lighting hidden in ceilings, wall corners and screens making the space unique and elegant.

It’s bright and decorous; the warm and layered lighting provides the whole lounge area with an extremely comfortable lighting environment. The shining book shelves, the light-outlined glass screens together with the comfortable rest area are linked with the linear tape lights in the ceiling. Such mellow, uniform yet changeable lighting may be savored during wine tasting.

The interior of InterContental Hotel is fabulous and elegant, lighting designers studied carefully between materials and decorative details; integrating space and lighting with various applications of indirect lighting and decorative languages to compose a fantastic feast to the eye.

The layering lighting Bogut frame divides the space into sections and the lighting screen with special texture also connects all spaces from false to real and modern to tender; it seems that there are wonderful dramas on show in every small division and corner and they are seemingly writing special stories of light and shadow of the hotel.

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