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Joō de Rolls taster day at The One - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Today my friends and I were invited to Joō de Rolls taster day, located at the busy district of Tsim Sha Tsui in the well known shopping centre - The One. As I entered the cafe I instantly felt like I was in sweet heaven. The smell of fresh Churros being made combined with the unique and elegant decor was simply a perfect match!

The menu was cleverly distributed from the shops logo (How cute!) There are so many choices of churros and drinks that I wanted to try them all! WARNING: you may drool!

Tiramisu Churros - Chocolate, coffee and cream, what could possibly go wrong with this combination!? It's basically a match made in heaven! With the right amount of sweetness even after you dip the churros in the chocolate.

Lemon Custard Churros - This flavour really surprised me! The lemon custard was mouth-watering, and when eaten with the churros you get a slight hint of sourness.

Churros Tapas - I was lost for words with this scrumptious plate of sweetness. Here we have a tiramisu, strawberry, red bean and cinnamon flavoured donut churros. This is a must try, all the flavours go well with one another and surprisingly not that sweet too.

French Toast - A round of applause for this one! Not like the usual french toasts I've tried, these are like cute fluffy mini bites! sweet and fluffy on the inside and outside with extra syrup on the side!

Churros dog - For you non-dessert lovers, you should try out their savoury menu instead. This churros dog tasted better than a hotdog, what's more is that there are two flavours, original or wasabi. I can now say that from now on, I will only eat churros dog, this is the best combination ever! I mean who'd a thought this combo would work!? Churrolicious!

Cheesy fries - You can't go wrong with this one either, especially when its served fresh and hot, with the melting cheese - perfect!

Coffee Mocha - In my opinion the drinks are better than your well known coffee chain stores. I took a sip of the mocha by itself, but when you stir in the cocoa powder the drink then becomes that perfect mocha. The best thing is that each cup of coffee comes with different latte arts.

Detox Water - These come in a variety of fruity flavours, what's more is that It's a actually a good combination with the desserts since it can be quite heavy, plus you can always tell yourself that another bite of churros wont harm since you are detoxing your body at the same time - agree? ;)

Verdict: 10/10! I know that I will become a frequent customer here, especially with its location being convenient, moreover theses churros are to die for! A big YAY to Joō de Rolls for making the churros a come back!

Soft Opening: Tuesday 29th November

Time: 12:00pm

Address: The One, Shop L408, Level 4, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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