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Confraria Kero by Kali Arquitetura, Brazil

It all started with a food truck that used to attend events around the city. The business, which was baptized of ‘Confraria Kero Food Truck’, has grown to the point that the partners decided to expand it. The idea was to offer the customers a permanent address and more physical space. The decision between keeping or not the words ‘food truck’ in the name of the business, turned out to be the main motivation and inspiration for the design concept of this project.

Designed by Kali Arquitetura

Photography by Marcelo Donadussi

In order to preserve the original name without losing its meaning, the idea was to bring the main features of the dynamics of a traditional food truck to the new space. However, the biggest challenge was to explore the concept in a low ceiling place and with no windows at all.

As a solution to avoid feeling too enclosed in the space, a large panoramic photograph of the nearest park served as wallpaper, bringing nature into this space. The sky was reproduced on the ceiling through painting to expand and continue the image of the park. Also, rope lights made with Christmas lights and Ping-Pong balls, were applied on the ceiling making it more fun and light atmosphere. With these strategies, managed the transformation of space, completely changing the perception of the user. Even with the intention to create a casual environment, wooden tables and chairs were used, reminding garden furniture. The fun aspect of the design is related to swing-shapped chairs and to a high table with synthetic grass on top. The service desk, which reminds a shipping container, organizes the space and complete the project concept. Another detail to stand out are the doors of the bathrooms, which resemble the chemical toilets generally used in parks.

To solve the space organization, had as its premise the broader and more permeable as possible of the room by drawing a rectangular pure geometry. The orginal retreat of the plant was disguised with the service desk to support that now has direct access to the kitchen. Therefore, the essence of the habits and style of the old food truck was kept, but now in a permanent e comfortable physical space for customers and staff.

There is a considerable distance between the main access and the street, which makes the entrance easily hidden by parked cars in this wide sidewalk. To avoid this situation, two backlight logos were positioned ,one on each side of a metal triangular headpiece, in order to be seen in all directions, both of whom are on foot or by car on the street. In order to stand out to the surroundings, the facade was covered with wooden boards, framing its entrance.

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