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J. Boroski Cocktail Lounge by Ashley Sutton, Hong Kong

If you ever visit Hong Kong and are looking for a nice place to relax, wind down with drinks and a few friends, then make sure you request an invitation to visit Joseph Boroski's latest cocktail lounge! Why you ask? Firstly, it is designed by Australian designer - Ashley Sutton and secondly J. Boroski, who calls himself a "Mixsultant" makes the best drinks for his guests! Follow me through my unforgettable cocktail experience...

I was delighted to receive my invitation and couldn't wait to visit this place already! A few friends and I got to this secret location at a good time, as we were welcomed inside the interior with plenty of seats to choose from. (Note: only 2 people are allowed for a bar seat, more than that you will be seated on comfy, leather chairs and a candle lit table.)