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Naman Retreat by Vo Trong Nghia Architects - Vietnam

The Resort concept of Naman Retreat is providing physical and mental treatment for the long stay guests by the nature friendly environment and healthy activities such as spa, yoga, beach sports and so on. To achieve a perfect atmosphere that enables the guests a maximum body and mind purification and relaxation, the resort was designed by harmonious mix of greenery, natural stone and bamboo.

Photography by Hiroyuki Oki

In an area of three hectare, the design mission is to harmonize eighty bungalows, a hotel, six VIP villas and other twenty villas. Two roads start from the entrance to the seaside thoroughly connecting every service areas and bringing fresh and gracious breath of sea breeze to the internal space. Trees are planted along the roads, especially, bamboos are formed into closed canopies, like a thick curtain separating private sector and thereby, serving a precious time for guests when staying here. Central space is given priority with a larger area with open spaces, mainly created from bamboos functioned as Lobby, Restaurants, Bar.

VIP beach villas, located in the front seaward side, were planned in an unordinary way. Each beach villa is covered with a continuously undulating green roof and bamboo textured wall, which encourages a through view of the entire area directed to the sea without being restricted, following the nature and tourists’ inspiration. Hotel building named Babylon is the tallest building – all three stories are designed with louvers covering the facade – a prototype of double skin layer, adding available spaces for interlaced greening, forming an absolute green sector, which stands out of the remaining buildings. Bungalow clusters were smoothly and ingeniously combined with four other buildings, creating a Swastikas shape in a narrow square plot with twenty one meter in length for each side. All these four houses have a common courtyard, whilst accompanied by a particular courtyard and a pool for each. Consequently, approximately thirty percent of the all bungalows are alternated by two-story bungalows, creating an overall view as bobbing houses in the old quarters.

The central facilities such as Hay Hay Restaurant, Beach bar and conference Hall was designed with bamboo structure to provide spatial experience with relax atmosphere which cerebrates stay in the resort.

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