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Juice Served Here - Studio City by A-INDUSTRIAL DESIGN/BUILD

Retail shop selling cold pressed bottled juice, coffee and health shakes nestled in 800 sqft on the popular Ventura Blvd in sunny Studio City. The entry was purposefully setback into a patio to draw an escape from the window zero-setback streetscape. Its paneled with warming baltic-birch wooden geometry making way for the pivoting storefront glass door. The paneling continues into the interior drawing notice to the height and ceiling architecture to compensate for the spaces narrow width. Raw materials and exposed joists surface the surrounding walls and enlighten the complementing white menu boards and the shops branding colors as the skylight in the rear washed the space with natural sunlight.

Breaking the heavy pedestrian street elevation with an inset patio was the driving force and inspiration for the contrast of materials on the exterior as well as interior. The wooden geometrical entry suggestively is carved out from the black monolithic-like stucco massing that compromises and complements the elevation. Once entered, the geometrical wall paneling is back light with warm LED lights that perimeter shelving merchandise and flanked wall treatment.

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