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Stadium of the 26th Summer Universiade · Shenzhen by GD-Lighting Design

Beginning of the Story

The architectural inspiration of Universiade Stadium came from a valuable mineral, Crystal. “Crystal” evolves from the ancient Greek vocabulary “Krystallos”, translates into Chinese as “water of pure white”. The notion of crystal has been assimilated, perceived, and discovered by the lighting design team in order to create design ideas for the stadium. Two questions turned up for the design. 1) What kind of lighting techniques should be adapted to present the language of architecture? 2) How to illustrate the sprits of the game with design? Eventually, design team decided to focus on “White” as the main theme of design. One of the reasons is that creativity from relevance to the concept of “Crystal” could be expressed through the form of architecture. More importantly, “White” represents Purity, Justice, Holiness and Peace. It is believed that “White Light Architecture” could harmoniously present the sprits of the Universiade.

Lighting Design by GD-Lighting Design

Architectural Design: GMP

Photography by Christian Gahl


Over the decades, many international sport events were held in China, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Gam and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Olympic Game. Most of the stadiums for these events adapted color change in their lighting system. As a result, our clients required RGB multicolor variation to be adapted into our design. We compromised with the clients and agreed with the use of fade green lighting. The glass of the architecture appears green under daylight. Green lighting was adapted so that the building impre