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Campus Hong Kong by LYCS Architecture, Hong Kong - China

Campus Hong Kong is a revolutionary apartment for students designed by LYCS Architecture, which aims to provide solution to renting problems in high-density cities in China. In large populated city like Hong Kong, living expense for young people is a heavy burden. The problem is evident, nice apartments comes with higher rate while cheaper ones are just not cozy. To cope with this challenge, the designers found a brand new and affordable way through renovating the existing hotel.

Designed by LYCS Architecture

Design Team: RUAN Hao, HE Yulou, JIN Cheng, LIU Qi, WU Miao, XU Weizhuo

Located in Hong Kong’s Tsuen Wan district, Campus Hong Kong enjoys convenient transportation and a great view of the bay. It consists of 48 student apartments located in the lower 3 levels of an existing hotel.The student common room designed to have a cozy environment for daily social activities and gaming. Besides, it is also facilitated with gym, cafe, and even swimming pool.

The interior area of each room is approximately 27㎡. The design removed existing partition wall in between two rooms, replaced it with a central high table as a common space for study and social for 4 students. In this limited space, every single inch is fully used: the bed was designed to be half raised and the study desk is placed under the bed that to make full use of space. Each bed with a steel access ladder, blackout curtain for privacy, electrical wall sockets and a reading light. With the curtain shut, you will own a personal spaces, which also neatly incorporates a clothes rail, built-in shelves and lockable drawers, separate luggage space, along with a built-in desk sporting a multi-socket USB hub. It’s a pleasurable experience for students to accomplish study and work while in the bed.

Students can enjoy the comfort of spacious room either when laying in bed or sitting in the chair. The blank ceiling becomes the area for the renters to create whatever favorite pattern or drawings they want to draw. Throughout the windows, one will have a great view of the sea. Each apartment unit is also equipped with public bathroom, kitchen and other necessarily daily facilities.

Given the cost of material and labor in Hong Kong, the budget of the whole project is relatively low. The emergence of this new type of apartment is providing a method to solve problems in such a large and promising Chinese renting market. Without high cost or monthly rate, young people can still own the space and life that really belongs to them.

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