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2nd Nanjing Youth Olympic Games International Convention Center lighting design by GD-Lighting Desig

Nanjing Youth Olympic Games International Convention Center is the 2014 Youth Olympic Game’s reception center. Both architectural and interior design was done by the “master of deconstruction”, Zaha Hadid, who has opened the door of time with her unique architectural expressions. Black and white, bright and dim, false and truth, merging contradictions into one piece of work, involving the interlacement of Yin and Yang, emitting endless energy into every space, opening spirits with weightless matter.

Lighting Design by GD-Lighting Design

Lighting Designers: Yenchih Wang, Xin Yu Huang, Hui Ren, Tong Xun Zhou

Architectural and Interior Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Photography by He Shu

The extension of perception really is the transformation from concept to reality. Human perception is a complicated and unexplainable thing. With ordinary descriptive words, the least we can do is appreciate. This appreciation or respect is the key factor which affects the success or failure of this unique design.