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D&R Headquarter by OSO Architecture, Istanbul - Turkey

D&R Headquarter is located in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul with their offices within an area of 2200 m². The office has a staff consisting of 190 personnel, which whole areas of the office spaces were placed into three different floors. Highly compact and designed in accordance with an intense requirement program, the spaces have been generally planned in an open-office construction to relieve the intensity and at a directly accessible position. The business field of the company is basically selling the whole products of cultural, art and entertainment concepts. Which means company is selling all kind of books and music products, moreover electronic equipment and toy on their own stores and their own internet platforms. In this sense, they have a quite young and dynamic staff integrated with the digital environment.

Designed by OSO Architecture

Design Team : Okan Bayik / Serhan Bayik / Ozan Bayik / Kardelen Alptekin / Tuğba Kılınç